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Holofans are an effective tool for increasing the sales and providing entertainment.
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LED Standee

Neelmo is proficient in manufacturing LED Standee that provides great benefit to your business.
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Look Walker is a mobile advertising format, consists of backlit LED light, front and rear signboards.
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3D Sign Board

3D Sign Board create an effect of depth and space and deliver a high-impact presentation.
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Digital Signage

Digital Signage conveys your information with flair to the right viewers at the right time.
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Glow Sign Board

Glow Sign Board can be availed from us in a plethora of designs, styles and sizes.
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Indoor Sign Board

Neelmo brings the prime visibility of your business promotion through Indoor Sign Board.
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Outdoor Sign Board

We have expertise in producing extremely advanced Customized Outdoor Sign Boards.
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Industry Signage

Industry Specific Signages are the ideal way to show users of sale & promotions running on your store.
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Neon Signage

Neon Signage is known for its appealing designs and much longer life compared to other such boards.
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Metal Sign Board

Metal Sign Board is built using high-quality metal that is sourced by certified vendors of the market.
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Acrylic Signage

Acrylic Display Signages are presentation boards designed with multi-range of colours and size.
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Canopy/Gizmo Tent

Neelmo produces these Canopy/Gizmo Tent with customized printing with your design & logo.
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Digital Print

Convey the info to the public about Digital Printing banners is an attractive and impressive way.
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Flex Printing

Neelmo is one of the leading producers of premium quality Flex Printing Service in Gurgaon.
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Society Activity

Neelmo is engaged in delivering a wide range of Society Activity in elegant designs and colours.
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Increase Your Brand Exposure through Signage.

Frequently asked question

  • What is the Sign Board?

    Sign Board is an integral part of your brand identity and helps to reinforce the strength of your brand. Sign Board has the ability and power to drive that first impression which the brand intends to create. Studies have shown that a clear and concise LED signage catches the eye easily and has a profound impact on your brand.

  • Should we really need signs to promote our business?

    Sign Boards are effective means of advertising as they can inform a first time customer about what the business really is, or welcome him, or direct him to do business with you. Hence, it is really important to have these signs more attractive, informative and visible from a distance. These are cost-effective and serves your business as an advertisement tool throughout the year.

  • What kind of industry do you cater?

    Neelmo International is one of the most reputed and leading suppliers and Sign Board manufacturers in Gurgaon and we cater to almost all kinds of businesses that require any kinds of Sign Board to promote their business. We’ve installed a lot of Sign Boards, Neon Glow Sign Board, LED Sign Boards and all kinds of Sign Board in hotels, airports, bus stations, malls, cinema theatres, banks, schools and colleges, government offices, IT Parks and all kinds of corporate companies.

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Neelmo has been providing exceptional sign manufacturing and service for over 6+ Years. Our sign boards are strong, durable, and ready to use. Available in a variety of colours, our finished surfaces are smooth and will not crack, chip, flake, or peel even under harsh weather conditions.
  • Professional Design Our talented graphic designers with a wide variety of experience in a range of industries give you the best design possible.
  • Experienced Team At the core of our sign business is our team of dedicated, accredited professionals--experts with proven industry success.
  • Quick Turnaround TimeBecause of our innovative manufacturing process, we can send our standard Sign Products within 1-2 weeks.
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